Natural Wonder

October playmate Allison Parks is a high-flying fan of the active outdoor life

Allison Parks (born Gloria Waldron October 18, 1943) was chosen as the rabbit’s magazine’s Playmate of the Month in October, 1965 and Playmate of the Year for 1966.

Her father ran a floral nursery in Sun Valley, California. Allison was a cheerleader at Glendale High School. “Allison Parks” was a pseudonym that she used when she modeled, but she later admitted that she liked it so much, she kept using it all the time.  Parks told the magazine that she was twenty-one and single when she posed for her pictorial; in reality she was twenty-four and married.  Further, she already was a mother at the time , and her kids were featured in a photo in her layout, but were identified as being “swimming school” students.


After her magazine work, Allison went on to a long career as a model and actress, mostly in TV commercials. She later worked for an investment counseling firm.




Parks died of heart failure on June 21, 2010 on the beach in her favorite vacationing spot in Hawaii.


In view of our Government’s continuing interest in the physical fitness of the nation’s youth, we have elected to submit October Playmate Allision Parks as pictorial proof of what frequent doses of sunshine, fresh air and physical exercise can do for the shape of future generations.


A blue-eyed brunette from Glendale, California, 21-year-old Allison Parks spends her weekday mornings soaking up the sun’s first healthful rays while assisting her father in the care and cultivation of his ranch-size floral nursery in nearby Sun Valley.


Then it’s back to her Glendale homestead for our opulently endowed October miss where she conducts an afternoon enterprise of her own: teaching preschool-age children to swim in the family’s big backyard pool. “I almost feel guilty about charging their parents for lessons,” she told us, “since I get just as much of a kick out of spending all that time in the water as the kids do. But I know what I’m doing is worthwhile, because any child who can overcome his fear of the water before he’s six will never panic in a sink-or-swim situation later on in life.”


Besides her daily diet of landscaping and aquatic training, month’s classically constructed (36-24-36) outdoor miss has recently expanded her off-hours interests to include flying. Each weekend, weather permitting, Allison joins a local group of fellow aerial enthusiasts who call themselves the Sky Roamers and logs in a few more air hours toward her private pilot’s license. “Until I started flying, my big dream was to own a hot sports car someday,” reports the attractive amateur aviatrix. “Now, I couldn’t care less about cars — except as the quickest means of getting to and from the airstrip. The moment I took over the controls for the first time, I was hooked. There’s something almost ethereal about sitting in a cockpit thousands of feet above the earth with nothing around to distract you.”


Despite the fact that she spends most of her waking hours basking in the California sunshine, Allison still finds time for an occasional indooor interest or two. An accomplished artisan with needle and thread (“I’ve been designing my own clothes ever since high school”) and an ambitious culinary student (“So far I’ve managed to master only steak and beef Stroganoff–but at least I know there’s some hope for me”), the perky Miss Parks readily admits that keeping up a strong domestic front fits into her long-range plans for meeting and marrying a “tall, blond, ambitious and dominant type of man who could make me happy to say at home most of the time.” Fortunately, Miss October allowed herself to be grounded long enough for our alert lensman to capture this month’s Playmate pose for posterity.



It’s interesting that the magazine posted on it’s Cyber Club last year a pictoral of actresses Crista Flanagan (who stars on the popular cable TV series “Mad Men”) that includes an image that emulates a classic picture of the late Ms. Parks………….



Tragically, Allison Parks died just last year (2010).  Her obit can be found here:

Finally, a Youtube video has been posted – likely done by members of her immediate family.


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3 Responses to Natural Wonder

  1. Cameron says:

    Thank you so much for this fabulous gallery of an incredibly beautiful woman ! One note of correction to the text – Miss Parks’ measurements were 36-24-36.

  2. M.S.R. Watchdog says:

    Wow! There a bunch of Allison Parks photos here that I haven’t seen anywhere else. Thank you.

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