Micaela Breque

I don’t normally post recent photos of models – there are more than enough sites that already do that.  However, some new photos of Ms. Breque (or Sra. Calamaro) have been published in the Argentine version of the magazine’s latest issue (that is, in the December 2011 version.)  Much has been made of her beauty and her relationship with famous Argentine singer Andres Calamaro.  It turns out that Ms. Breque was in the magazine some 3 years ago – in their October 2008 issue as part of an overall spread highlighting Facebook beauties.  Can you spot the differences in growth in just the past 36 months?  Apparently, she wasn’t deemed pretty enough to make a career of “it”, and unfortunately resorted to surgery.  They have certainly upped the production value and likely the amount of Photoshop re-work.  Too bad, in my opinion.  Still, she’s certainly quite a cut above Lindsay Lohan, shown off in the latest US version.

2008 (Before)


After (2011)


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4 Responses to Micaela Breque

  1. geleselibero says:

    what a wonderul ass

  2. dario90 says:

    argentinian %100

  3. Danox says:

    The 2008 version is a much better looking woman, 2011 doesn’t look as good.

  4. Dan says:

    Her breasts are much better after, flat-chestedness isn’t sexy..

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