Island Lady

Geraldine “Gig” Gangel (born October 17, 1958 in Harlingen, Texas) is an American model andactress. She was Playboy magazine’s Playmate of the Month for its January 1980 issue. Hercenterfold was photographed by Ken Marcus.

Before becoming a Playmate, Gangel appeared on the October 1979 issue of Playboy alongside Burt Reynolds, who was only the second man (after Peter Sellers) to appear on the cover of the magazine. As quoted in The Playmate Book, Gangel commented on her photo shoot with Reynolds that, “I didn’t think Burt was my type, until I met him.”

Credited as Gig Rauch, she had a primary role in the 1993 film The Killing Device, in which she briefly appears nude.

Yes, her real name actually is Gig Gangel and no, she wasn’t named after actor Gig Young, nor is she a rock musician, nor is her first name really Brigitte or Gidget or any mutation thereof. “Gig is my full first name,” she tells us. “It derives from the word giggles, because, as a baby, I laughed a lot, so my sister coined the name Gig, although my parents had a distinct preference for Geraldine.”

Now that your skepticism has been assuaged, you’re probably wondering where you’ve seen her before. On our October cover, of course, cavorting with the one and only Burt Reynolds. Her account of what really went on at that cover shooting: “To tell you the truth, when I heard I was going to pose with Burt Reynolds, I wasn’t excited at all. I know that sounds abnormal, but I never thought of him as quite my type. I was expecting a conceited movie star, but he walked into the studio in jeans and a sweatshirt and was extremely warm and friendly — a little shy, in fact. He cracked us up.

Below are some more recent shots of Ms. Gangel at various bunny events.

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