June playmate Kelly Burke is just what the doctor ordered

Kelly was the focus of attention for the June, 1966 issue.  Kelly was pregnant while she was shooting her Playmate centerfold. She also was (at the time) the sister-in-law of 1966 Playmate of the Year, Allison Parks (to be portrayed soon..)




An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but in cases requiring more extensive medical attention, Playmate Kelly Burke is continually called upon to supply just what the local physician ordered. As a medical buyer for one of California’s largest pharmaceutical cooperatives, Miss June has spent the past three years helping to supervise the selection of drugs destined to become shelf stock in hospitals and pharmacies throughout the Greater Glendale area.


“My job can be fairly cut and dried one minute,” says the 21-year-old brunette, “and then, in typical Ben Casey fashion, a nearby hospital phones in an emergency order and I’m suddenly off and running all over the place to find the required medicines.”

Before moving to Glendale in 1958 with her parents and older brother Ed, Kelly was a member of the rarest urban breeds: the native Angeleno. “It was definitely a change for the better,” our Playmate recalls. “When I lived in L.A., I had to walk to high school every day, but in Glendale I got top-down rides in Dad’s convertible.” Kelly now sports her own 1965 Oldsmobile convertible, in which she commutes daily from her new bachelorette bungalow in suburban Sylmar. “I’ve become a real flower bug,” she reports, “since Mom and Dad bought a retail nursery in Yucaipa last year.
Each time I visit them, I load up the back seat of the Olds with so much greenery before heading home that it winds up looking just like some sort of window box on wheels.”Weekends, June’s bantam (5′) beauty heads for the sun-drenched beaches of Santa Monica, equipped with an over-sized straw hat and nylon sailing parka (“My freckles still show no matter what I try”). A strong swimmer ever since she was ducked at the tender age of eight by a nine-year-old admirer (“I didn’t dare show how scared I was”), Kelly prefers making most of her natatorial plunges in the neighbors’ back-yard pool.
“Besides the pool, they own two darling dogs,” she explains. “One’s a $700 pedigreed toy poodle named Suzie; the other’s a mongrel puppy that they rescued from the local dog pound for only five dollars. He’s named Toy Tiger and, needless to say, I’m in love with the mutt.”
 Her sister-in-law was Allison Parks, so Kelly naturally came to the attention of Photogs Bill and Melba Figge and their collaborator, Ed DeLong.  Their friendship has continued.  “I still sit in the Figges’ seats at USC football games,” says Kelly, who with her husband owns a pharmacy in California.  (Her daughter, who was on the way when Kelly posed, runs the family nursery business, and her son is a doctor.)
 A vivid memory for Kelly is of an early promotional trip to Canada.  “My plane was coming into Saskatoon and there were TV cameras and press all over the place.  I said to the person next to me, ‘Man, there must be somebody on this airplane!’ and I’m looking around to see who it was.  I was shocked when I found out the somebody was me.  The guy sitting next to me was laughing.  He said, ‘You don’t come to Saskatoon often, do you?'”
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