Sunshine Supergirl

Kaya Christian’s a champ at any water sport — and a finely developed photo-lab technician

Kaya was born on October 4, 1946 in California and was the Bunny’s top feature in November of 1967.




At the age of 11, she was a champion swimmer and diver.  At 12, she set a Georgia state record for the backstroke, and Kaya still headed for a pool in Burbank whenever she had time off from her job in a photo-processing firm.  After her centerfold appeared, she received and accepted an offer of a post at a Beverly Hills literary agency.  Sadly, nothing else can be found on Ms. Christian to date…


A champion swimmer and diver at the age of 11, Kaya Christian no longer competes in organized aqua-sports. But when she’s not laboring in the catacombish darkness of one of the West Coast’s largest photo-processing labs, this 21-year-old native Californian heads for the nearest beach or pool. Already accomplished in water ballet, Kaya became a licensed scuba diver shortly before we went to press, thereby fulfilling a lifelong ambition: “When I’m submerged, I let myself go — no cares, no anxieties; the Pacific is like a second home to me.”


When she’s not in the darkroom or in the water, Miss Christian likes to unwind — at her bachelorette pad in Beverly Hills — to contemporary pop sounds (“Lou Rawls, Ramsey Lewis, the 5th Dimension and a local group that hasn’t made the big time yet — Phase Three — can really flip me out”) or with paintbrush in hand (“I’m really just a dabbler”).


Kaya’s conception of a gratifying date is engagingly unconventional: “Dinner at Scandia, a night cruise to Catalina, then a return trip in time to greet the milkman in the morning.” She wasted no time accepting Playboy’s invitation to grace our November gatefold, and thereby answered the question about what a gentleman should or shouldn’t offer a lady.

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