Afrika Korps – Avalon Hill

Afrika Korps

Avalon Hill First Edition – 1964

Write up from Wikipedia.

Update: Fantastic article here that really captures the spirit of the game.

Fantastic write-ups and more detail at Board Game Geek



  Afrika Korps Instructions Original 1964 opt

 Afrika Korps Battle Manual 1964 opt

Afrika Korps Time Record Original 1964

Afrika Korps Situation & Order of Battle 1964

Afrika Korps Combat Results Table Original 1963

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3 Responses to Afrika Korps – Avalon Hill

  1. Davd says:

    Hey there.

    This is a bit random but I really like your blog and have followed it for a bit now… you have some really great stuff. Would you mind telling me some of the sources where you find this stuff? I’m sure you know about some great sites I wouldn’t even know how to find.


    David Thomas

    • Hello David: Thank you for the comments. I don’t have any place in particular – just as I run into things, almost by happenstance, I will save them or post them.

  2. Davd says:

    Alright, well thank you. Keep the good stuff coming!

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