By George, A Girl Named Charlie

Gobel’s guitar girl becomes miss June.

Marilyn Hanold (b. 6/9/38, 5’8″) was most prominently portrayed in the June, 1959 issue.

Marilyn, a member of comedian George Gobel’s nightclub act, was the custodian of his guitar.  She also appeared in the Gobel film The Birds and the Bees; later, in the 1964-64 season, she had a role in The Sid Caesar Show.  In Their Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows, Time Brooks and Earle Marsh refer to her as “a gorgeous lass who never spoke, only looked beautiful.”

Lovely brunette Marilyn Hanold was born the second of six children on June 9, 1938 in Jamaica, Long Island, New York. She’s of German descent. Her father was a lieutenant with the New York City police department. Hanold graduated from the World Secretarial School in New York and worked as a legal secretary for a big league patent attorney for 18 months. In August, 1957 Marilyn joined the chorus line of the El Rancho in Las Vegas, Nevada — she went on to be featured in the tabloid revue “Scandalettes” at the El Rancho — and was a showgirl at Ciro’s.

Marilyn was working as a showgirl at Frank Sennes’ “Moulin Rouge” in Hollywood, California when she was spotted by a William Morris Agency representative for George Gobel’s new stage production “Riviera Revue.” Hanold graced the cover of the February, 1959 issue of “Photo Life” magazine as well as top bunny in June, 1959.

Moreover, she also acted in a handful of films and TV shows throughout the 50s and 60s. Hanold married oil tycoon Rulon Keaton Neilson in 1967; the couple had three daughters altogether. Marilyn now lives in Salt Lake City, Utah and remains prominent in charities and gala events held in the Salt Lake City area.

She was married to Rulon Keaton Neilson, president of Skyline Oil Company (1967–1993) (his death at age 83). They had 3 children, Elisabeth R (b. 1969), Sabrina C (b. 1971) and another daughter.

 You'll be glad to learn that Charlie's name isn't really Charlie at all.  Her real name is Marilyn Hanold.  But in his nightclub act, dirty-bird George Gobel is in the habit of explaining that he employs an assistant who does nothing else but chaperon his guitar; then he turns to the wings, yells "Charlie!" and scantily-dressed, hazel-eyed Marilyn makes her stunning entrance.  
Marilyn also put in an appearance in the Gobel film, The Birds and the Bees, in which she played a particularly tasty comb of honey.  When she's not performing with George, she's indulging her taste for such hectic hobbies as hunting and water-skiing.  These rugged avocations notwithstanding, Miss Hanold has a completely feminine interest in dating dashing young males.  In her professional life, although she has played a variety of roles, she has invariable been type-cast as a girl.  This was good thinking, we feel, so we have emulated it by choosing her for the part of an abundantly girl-style Miss June.
 Some more recent shots of Marilyn

We’ll finish with some video from two of her films:

<The Solid Gold Cadillac> (1956)
<Link to the full movie The Brain That Wouldn’t Die> (1962)

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