Life in Venice

California, that is; for Sandy Johnson, this funky beach town does it all

Sandy Johnson (b. 7/7/54; 5’6″, 114lb.) was top bunny in June of 1974.
In that same month the Universal Product Code is scanned for the first time, to sell a package of Wrigley’s chewing gum at the Marsh Supermarket in Troy, Ohio.

She grew up in San Antonio and has four older sisters. Moreover, Johnson attended Santa Monica Community College.

Johnson made a regrettably brief foray into film acting in the wake of her “Playboy” pictorial. Sandy achieved her greatest enduring cult cinema popularity as Michael Myers’ ill-fated sister Judith Margaret Myers who gets brutally murdered by her crazed younger brother during the startling opening sequence of John Carpenter’s outstanding seasonal slasher horror classic “Halloween.”

To keep up with her ever-increasing schedule of activities, Sandy had just installed one of those “newfangled gadgets” – an answering machine.  One of the messages she later received: an offer of a role in the 1979 movie H.O.T.S, in which she was featured with PB Pals Pamela Jean Bryant and Susan Kiger.

Johnson had more substantial supporting parts in the amusing lowbrow drive-in comedy romps “Surfer Girls,” “Jokes My Folks Never Told Me,” “H.O.T.S.,” (link to full movie…) and “Gas Pump Girls.” Sandy Johnson’s last movie role to date was as a ballroom dancer in Mel Brooks’ typically broad fright feature send-up “Dracula: Dead and Loving It.”

Not that she’s lazy, you understand, far from it; but Sandy Johnson loves her life on the beach because the mood is easy and relaxed. “I don’t feel like I must have a regular nine-to-five job.

People around here figure if I’m lying on the sand at 11 a.m., that’s my business, and half my neighbors are liable to be there, too, either getting some sun or organizing a softball game.” Late-morning sun baths are still very much a luxury for Sandy, however, because the 19-year-old native of San Antonio (she’s been in California six years) has so much going on she had to install one of those “Hi, I’m Sandy Johnson and I’m not here.

When the tone sounds, tell me what you want and I’ll call you back” gadgets on her phone.

“I need it primarily because I sell cosmetics and people call me to place orders.” The great thing about the job, she says, is that “you can make a lot of money selling cosmetics without working a lot of hours.”

Hmmm, tell us more. “The secret is organization. I sell to large groups of women in their homes.”

When she’s not making women beautiful, Sandy attends classes at Santa Monica Community College, where she keeps busy studying food and nutrition (“Beauty care has a lot to do with what you eat”) and singing.

“I’ve already taken a lot of dancing lessons, so I know I can dance. If I can sing, too, then I want to try to break into musicals. My fantasy is to star on the stage. That turns me on much more than TV or movies.

I might also study acting so I can combine all three — singing, dancing, acting.” It shouldn’t take more than a glance at these pictures to see that the versatile Sandy already has her act very much together.

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  1. M.S.R. Watchdog says:

    You seem to have access to photos that were not previously published. Thank you for sharing them. I would love to see even more of Allison Parks (Oct 1965) I know you have a page for her already, but if you can add to it, your followers will appreciate it.

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