Nielsen Rates

April’s well-wheeled miss is a springtime spectacular

Nancy Nielsen was top bunny for the April, 1961 issue.  Beyond this, nothing is known of her ultimate fate.  She has no biography or further references of public life.

If all good things come to those who wait, ex-waitress Nancy Nielsen can surely expect a super-sized supply of nothing but the best. This lady-in-waiting has high hopes of nabbing a TV or movie thesping contract, wants to make the move from memorizing menus to learning lines in the very near future.

But it’s more than just the wishful dream of a wistful hopeful: Twentieth Century-Fox is sufficiently impressed with her potential and proportions to have enrolled her in their acting school. Nancy’s home in Lynwood, California, is just a sports-car spin from Hollywood, the Gilt Complex that’s the spur for her acting ambitions.

NN is a motoring enthusiast and a superb sports-car accessory in her own right: when she isn’t scrubbing down her MGA between trips for dramatic coaching or dashing out to the Coliseum to cheer for the Dodgers, she takes more than a passing interest in oil painting. We aver that twenty-year-old Nancy Nielsen makes a pert and pretty picture within her own 36-24-36 frame.

A painter, sports-car enthusiast and fan of baseball’s Los Angeles Dodgers, Nancy Nielsen was enrolling in Twentieth Century Fox’s acting school when she signed up to be a Playmate.

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