Designing Mate

A fabric fancier has the material to become miss august

Miss Elaine Paul was featured as top model in the August, 1960 issue.

She was born in 1938 and, at the time of her photoshoot, was 5’4 and 120#.  Beyond this, almost nothing is known about her.  Almost certainly modeling under a pseudonym, after her work with Hef was done, she disappeared back into public obscurity.

Why do studio audiences erupt into applause when TV personalities announce the fact that they hail from Brooklyn? We’ve often wondered, but now we’re beginning to understand.


Treats, if not trees, grow in Brooklyn — Elaine Paul being one such. Elaine works in that bustling borough as a journeyman (well, journeywoman) fabric designer, journeying blithely from Greenpoint to Gowanus in whatever form of loco locomotion she happens to find handy.


Those who know about such things say she has a way with perky patterns, and we — who know about certain other things — say that she herself is woven with a warp and woof wondrous enough to make her a memorable Miss August.

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