Perky in the Straw

Delores Wells (born 17 October 1937 in Reading, Pennsylvania) was top bunny in June of 1960.

According to The Playboy Book, Wells was paid $500 for her Playmate pictorial, along with $100 a month during her two-year exclusivity contract with Playboy. During the 1960s, Delores had an acting career, appearing in small parts in B-movies and series television. She also was a Bunny at the Chicago Playboy Club, where she made $1000 a week.

Moreover, Delores also acted in a handful of B-movies and TV shows: She not only was a regular minor player in several 60s AIP “Beach Party” films, but also made guest appearances on episodes of such TV series as “The Bob Cummings Show,” “Thriller,” “87th Precinct,” and “Burke’s Law.”


Wells meet legendary adult cinema actress Linda Lovelace at a Playboy Mansion party and worked for a while as Lovelace’s personal secretary.

Hats, in this year of Presidential politics, are most often publicized as objects for throwing into rings, but we thought it only proper that they keep their reputation for ornamenting ladies’ heads as well. With this in mind, we accompanied delectable Chicagoan Delores Wells as she inspected several summer chapeaus, to see which would get her straw vote, and to gift her with same.

We should have known better: complacent in the knowledge that Playboy was picking up the tab, Delores happily bought all the hats she tried on. We couldn’t complain, though, since her next stop was a private beach where she tanned those areas of her epidermis not tannable at public beaches and posed as Playmate, wearing a hat — and nothing else.


Thirty five years later, she reminisces:

“I was working as an ‘Adorable’ at the Chez Paree nightclub in Chicago when I met Hef,” Delores recalls from her home in Arizona.  “I was making $90 a week and dripping in minks and jewels.  Hef would talk about his plans for a club and I thought, Girls dressed like bunnies?  Is he nuts?”

But she left the Chez Paree to become one of the first cottontails in Chicago (where, she says, she upped her weekly income to $1000).  As a Playmate, she made a flat $500 fee plus $100 a month for two years – and was interviewed by Newsweek.

“Playboy opened a lot of doors for me in films and TV,” she says.  “I did a bunch of beach movies and I played with Gene Kelly in A Guide for the Married Man.  I was a dancer, and to me Gene was the epitome.  Then I went into makeup, got married, had a daughter, worked in real estate and PR, and, for a time, as a secretary for Linda Lovelace.”  Delores had met the former porn star at a party at Playboy Mansion West, and later helped her raise funds for a liver transplant.

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