Girls of Hawaii – 1961

A paean to the winsome wahines of our elysian archipelago

Full article with write up on the recently-joined (in 1961) state:



The fiftieth state’s fertile precincts have fostered an exotic ethnic amalgam.

Lenore Trumbull, a California emigrant, models Islands-inspired fashions at Waimanalo Bay.

Handsomely hammocked Tahitan danseuse Reri Tava insists on speaking only in her island French.

British expatriate Robin Sowers guides perfume-factory tours.

Chinese-English-French-Portuguese Ruth Moore, poised over a pineapple at the Waikikian Hotel, works for a Honolulu department store, digs skindiving.

Surfboarding Susan Hart is typical of the year-round vacationers that add glamor and romance to the Hawaiian scene.

Comely sisters Gail (booth-based) and Lynn Howell, Waikiki teenagers, are infused with Scottish, English, Hawaiian, Chinese and Portuguese blood.

Leilani Fonseca stems from a half-dozen racial strains, enthusiastically evangelizes the classic hula at Dan The Beachcomber’s. Wahine Leilani’s pretty Polynesian features have enhanced a stack of tropical-themed record album covers.

Shirley Lexier, a bamboo-framed, tapa-draped and trimly-shaped dancer, decorates a foliage-fringed lanai in the haute monde Honolulu suburb of Black Point.

Aboard the charter barkentine California, trigly-rigged Poli Tonkin, a fine eight-nation potpourri, is intercepted aloft by Samora Kardack, a lovely melange of Indian, Polish and French antecedents; Barbara Rassmussen, Nordic and nautical, mans the helm.

Poli relaxes after the excitement of inter-Islands cruising.

Hawaiian eyeful Patricia Branda Randolff dries off after a dishabilled dip.

L to R: Nineteen-year-old Chinese-Hawaiian-English Leone Leong looks flight-trim in Aloha Airlines stewardess togs at Conrad Hilton’s Hawaiian Village Hotel.  Dianne Baker, University of Hawaii, is a dedicated between-classes beach belle.  Muumuu-clad Susan Molina strolls past a uniquely Hawaiian enterprise.

De-saronged Samoan miss Caroline Baltan pools her resources.

Ann Tsunoto, a piquant Japanese pearl, works in her mother’s beauty salon, has acting aspirations.

Tahitian tapa twirler Mate Ng is a featured dancer at the regally appurtenanced Royal Hawaiian Hotel.

Daughter of an Army colonel stationed in Hawaii, twenty-year-old newcomer Barbara Levy, sharing a Hawaiian Village beach with another bikinied beauty, revels in the idyllic sun-soaked, sea-sprayed fun that is Island living.

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