Meet the miss we met at an amusement park

Elaine Reynolds (b: 9/7/39 in Jersey City, NJ) was a model throughout the late 50’s and early 60’s.  She was top bunny in October of 1959.  Throughout that period, she also appeared in a variety of similar gent magazines.

Once upon a recent impulse, we found ourself visiting a nearby amusement park, reliving some of the fun of our boyhood. We looped a few loops, knocked over some simulated milk bottles with a baseball and had worked ourself about midway down the Midway when our eyes fell upon the beautiful young lady featured on these pages.


Her name, she told us, is Elaine Reynolds, and she graciously agreed to accompany us on our tour of funland. Lights flashed, bells rang, barkers barked, rollers coasted, popcorn popped and people cottoned to cotton candy, but the park’s amusements paled by comparison with our vivacious companion, and there was nothing to do but bring her to you as Miss October.


Elaine also appeared in a 1965 issue, highlighting the Bunnies of Miami:

Elaine has some unique characteristics:  she is the only Playmate to have fought bulls in Spain.  She was also the first model to undergo breast-reduction surgery. “I must be 20 pounds lighter than I was then”, she observes, “and I think I look better now”.


After her centerfold was published, Elaine worked as a Bunny in Chicago and Miami and as a showgirl at the Latin Quarter in New York. With her first husband, she moved to Majorca, where they owned three stables.

“He was a rejoneador — a bullfighter from horseback — and he taught me to do it”, she says. At the time, women in Spain were not permitted to be matadors, who battle the bulls on foot. That rule was rescinded in 1974, about the time of dictator Francisco Franco’s death, but by that time Elaine was a mother, so she didn’t pursue it.
“Having a child makes you less adventurous”, she observes. The son, now in his early 20s, keeps up the adventurous spirit, having recently backpacked through Peru.


After her first marriage ended, Elaine returned to the States and earned a degree in comparative humanities (with a straight-A average)from the State University of New York. She taught riding, raised championship Viszla dogs, remarried, and for a time did voice-over’s for commercials. She and her spouse have now separated and she is living in Georgia, working in real estate and writing a book “about my divorce experiences”.


Final trivia:  Her centerfold appears in the 1989 film Dead Poets Society.

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