Janet Boyd

Janet Boyd was born and grew up in Tacoma, Washington, but later moved to Nevada and became a local celebrity as model and dancer in a series of Burlesque shows.

This site first encountered Janet here and was then subsequently portrayed as the model enjoying the 1909 EMF Touring Car here.

In the early ’70s, actress, model, dancer and four time Las Vegas Visitor cover girl Janet Boyd could be seen twice nightly in the famed Minsky’s “Girls, Girls, Girls” at the Fremont Hotel downtown.


A perfect symmetry of the female form, she was featured in Barry Ashton’s exciting production  “Wonderful World of Burlesque, 1970”. Appearing on stage at the popular Silver Slipper Gambling Hall & Saloon in the heart of the Strip, the five-foot-eleven former Playboy model provocatively revealed her 38-24-36 charms, three times nightly.


Born Janet Boyd, the lady “Astradella”, became a reality emerging through a cloud illusion to perform a stunning solo dance representative of the great ladies of burlesque.

She was also a nude dancer in the Barry Ashton production, “Wonderful World of Burlesque 1971”.


In addition to her dancing performances, Janet was a popular model for local photographers and artists.  She was chosen by famed artist Julian Ritter, renown for his paintings of beautiful women.

Janet was one of R Scott Hooper’s favorite models (and good friend) who he photographed many times over the years.  He called Janet whenever he had an important job and could choose the model because he never doubted she could make his photos beautiful. He used her on many covers of Vegas Visitor tabloid over the years and used her in his first Playboy pictorial “Sex in the Automobile” in 1972.



The fine art photographs detailed below are from a series titled “Miss Priss”. Photographed in the early ’70’s at Tule Springs (now Floyd Lamb State Park) at the outskirts of Las Vegas.  The series was published in an English men’s magazine, Mayfair.


Quotes Hooper:

“In the early seventies there was this whole ‘antique’, soft look going on. I wanted to do something in B&W and create a whole series taking the ‘Storyville Portraits’ outside. Janet was the perfect model. She is tall (nearly 6′) and long legged and had such a perfectly lush, womanly figure. But the best thing about her was the way she could transform in front of the camera. Whatever character or scene you asked her to do, she just became it before your very eyes! And with such grace. She’s the only woman I know who could step through cow dung with her toes pointed as if it was a dance!”

Many years later Janet was featured (Janette) in the film “Stripper” made in 1986 by the creator of the film “Pumping Iron”.  She can be seen in one of the interviews below in this short promo for the film:


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