Triple Treat

Equal parts of schoolgirl, bunny and editorial assistant makes Sharon Rogers a happy blend

Sharon was top bunny in January of 1964.  Born on November 19, 1942 in Seattle, Washing, Sharon was 5’2″ in height and weighed in at 109 pounds.




She was also featured on the cover of the November 1963 issue:

Being an old hand at looking long and far for potential Playmates, we’re always cheered to discover a comely young lass close to home, and they come no closer than our titian-haired Miss January, Sharon Rogers. Sharon graces the Playboy scene as a part-time editorial assistant whose presence we would gladly share from nine to five and then some.


She has repeatedly declined our full-time office offers, however, on the unimpeachable grounds that additional editorial work would encroach on her two other metiers. For, besides her afternoons at Playboy, multifaceted Sharon is a schoolgirl in the mornings and a Bunny evenings at Chicago’s Playboy Club.


As a 10-o’clock scholar, our 21-year-old Playmate attends school — the private secretarial variety — four days a week, improving her shorthand and typing. She spends afternoons at the Playboy offices, filing, sorting, and locating pictures in the extensive Playboy photo library, which now includes many shots of Sharon herself.


Besides her pictorial laurels this month, Miss January made a fetching snow miss as our ski-clad November cover girl, and also appeared in the July Bunny story and as the roommate of our November Playmate, Terre Tucker. Terre has since departed for a New York modeling career, and Sharon now rooms with other Bunnies in the Chicago Bunny dormitory.


Here Sharon and roommates Linda Castorina and Judy Ryder indulge in their share of late-evening dormitory high jinks, which includes everything from philosophical talk sessions to friendly wrestling. Frolicsome Sharon is five-foot-two with eyes of blue, who looks closer to 16 than her actual 21 years. Though she certainly doesn’t have time on her hands, in her free moments she enjoys Steve McQueen movies, the Bullwinkle show, Ayn Rand, backgammon, and watching sports-car races.


“I keep busier than most girls I know,” Sharon says, “and I sometimes think I’m just not getting enough sleep. I hate to snooze too much, anyway, because when I wake up I just know I’ve missed something. Besides, I’ve heard somewhere that too much sleep makes you gain weight, and I’m terribly worried I’ll get chubby.” Those fears are groundless, for she has no trouble getting her petite 35-22-35 form into a Bunny costume.


Born in Seattle, Sharon has lived in Chicago long enough to call it her home. She nurtures acting ambitions, which is understandable, since she’s a second cousin of the late Will Rogers. Sharon studied piano as a child, but gave it up after high school. She enjoys “any sort of music except hillbilly,” and concedes a special weakness for the classical. Listening or playing, her favorite of favorites is Rachmaninoff’s Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini. She’s wild about Wilder — Billy or Thornton — and also enjoys steak, chocolate milk shakes, Paul Newman, talk dates over cafe au lait, and stuffed animals, which she considers true friends.



That infectious smile is bestowed these days on fellow workers in a government agency in the Pacific Northwest, where former bunny and magazine editorial assistant Sharon leads a quiet life as the mother of two grown sons.  Sharon counts her years with Playboy in Chicago and Los Angeles (where she was also a cottontail) as among the most important in her life.  But she’s modest about showing off her centerfold.  “My cover is about the only picture I ever show anybody,” she says. “But my sons are really proud that I was a Playmate.  It’s an elite club to be in.”



Sharon played “Bunny #6” in an 1965 episode of the television series “Burke’s Law”. (produced by Aaron Spelling, one of his first Hollywood gigs.)

Apropos to nothing, really, here’s a Burke’s Law clip from 1964 featuring a light-in-the-loafers Bill Shatner:

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5 Responses to Triple Treat

  1. Danny Marx says:

    SHARON ROGERS is not only the most beautiful Playboy playmate of all time…..she’s the most beautiful person too! I’ve been blessed to have met her, and her charm warms me up like a blanket full of sunshine…..( she’s really something else!) DANNY M.

  2. Jameson says:

    Wow! We say kudos whom wrote this piece on Bunny Rogers!
    We are Sharon Rogers two grown sons. You mentioned that we are proud of our mother.
    OMG! We are SOooooo proud of her that we feel blessed everyday that she is our mom!
    Yes, we are super proud that she was one of our pioneers and the 10th anniversary Playmate for Playboy. We are even more proud to have such an amazingly strong, compassionate, loving mother!
    Everyone loves their mother. But not everyone is lucky enough to be raised by such a gentle soul that is as beautiful on the inside as she obviously is on the outside.
    Thank you for writing such an honest view and painting such an accurate picture of who our mother truly is.
    We Love you more than life mom! You make us both so proud to be your sons!

    Brandon & Jameson (Sharon’s two grown sons)

    • Thank you my two wonderful sons!! I am proud of both of you too! This was a surprise for me to see! Made me smile!! I wish the scene from Burke’s Law worked!! Love, Mom (Nano)

  3. sharon1rogers says:

    I just discovered this today….and I am really surprised!! I had no idea this was on the internet. Thank you for all these pictures and the long history. Sharon Rogers

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