Girls of the Golden West

A tantalizing blend of beauty and sophistication, these natural beauties glory in their free-spirited way of life.


The below bit of fluff is from the September 1971 bunny.

Javon Monahan (below, left and right, running along the fog-shrouded Oregon coast near Seaside) is an artist and former student at Portland State University.


Sisters Karen and Christy Flagg (below), exploring the redwoods in the Avenue of the Giants area of California’s Humbolt County) are also interested in the arts – Karen in weaving and dance, Christy in painting and photography.


The ice-cold waters of a cascade near Mount Hood, Oregon, inspire an impromptu splash session for Sandy Benson (below), seen in close up at right.


Teresa Rietan (below), a Los Angeles scriptwriting assistant, enjoys camping trips to the Southern California desert, where she can bask in the sun on the dry lake bed of El Mirage, near Victorville.


Between flights, stewardess Joyce Anderson delights in speedboating over the clear waters of Lake Tahoe, on the California-Nevada border, a four-hour drive from her apartment in Oakland.

Sharon Silfies abandoned a promising career as a free-lance model in Las Vegas to become a cigarette girl at an Incline Village, Nevada, casino beside Lake Tahoe, where she avails herself of ample opportunities to indulge in such pastimes as riding and sun-bathing in the meadow of a mountain horse ranch.


Norma Wickliff, a teacher’s aide in Portland who hopes someday to break into television, spends a sun-filled weekend visiting friends in the golden wheat fields of eastern Washington’s Inland Empire country, close to the Idaho border.


Atop mist-swept Hurricane Ridge in Washington’s magnificent Olympic National Park, Celine Lafreniere pauses for a moment of solitude.  Celine is a convention public-relations specialist whose avocation is wilderness camping.


The cool beauty of a rain forest on Washinton’s Olympic Peninsula provides a striking background for secretary and aspiring violinist Donna Gillette.


Finally, Janet Boyd, a leading dancer in a Las Vegas revue, is in partnership with two local businessmen in a new franchise venture, Las Vegas Showgirl Wigs.  Janet suns herself on an island in Lake Powell, formed by waters behind Glen Canyon Dam.


Nothing ever came of the Las Vegas Showgirl Wig company..but Janet did go on to have a full career as a burlesque dancer and model in Las Vegas during the early 70’s.  She’ll be the focus of a separate Gallery later this week.


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