Clayre Peters

A girl finds a city’s heart, high amid its topless towers

Miss Peters was the Bunny selection in August of 1959.  Nothing is known about this woman beyond what was portrayed in the magazine.  Most likely, this model was working under a pseudonym; her work doesn’t show up in other locations.  The intertubes yield nothing about her private life, or what she did/has done in the past 50+ years.

The fondest dream of suave Manhattanites is to be an active part of the city’s excitement and sophistication, and yet to know a measure of isolation from its frantic tempo and its noises.

The penthouse apartment is a physical expression of this dream, and Clayre Peters, who inhabits one such romantic dwelling, claims that realizing this urban ambition in no way diminishes its power to please. A devotee of finer living in all its aspects, Clayre declares that her pad at the pinnacle gives her a wondrous appreciation of the city that no other form of familiarity could inspire.

We can readily understand the aid Clayre claims this perpetual panorama gives her in her hobby, writing poetry. But, with our Miss August in attendance, whether in a penthouse or in a subterranean basement, we find it difficult to believe that the vista outside could hold half the charm of the intimate, inimitable view indoors.

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