New Girl In Town

Right at home in the City of Angels

Ashlyn Martin (born March 20, 1946 in London, England) is the stage name of Laura Lynn Hale, an American model and actress who was in the April, 1964 issue. Ashlyn grew up in Florida, Chicago, Illinois and New York City with her two brothers and two sisters. Her father was a pilot and her mother a nurse. Barely 18 years old when her issue came out, Ashlyn was most certainly 17 years old when she posed.

Bonus points for showing the proper use of a 190SL.

Sayeth the Hef “Ashlyn’s name was inspired by a character in Ernest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises.  She was an uncommonly well-read, bright young lady and a free spirit who lived at the PB Mansion in Chicago for a couple of years before moving to California.”

Moreover, Martin also acted in a few movies: Best known as Marcy, the ill-fated girl on the beach in Herschell Gordon Lewis’ notorious horror splatter cult classic “Blood Feast,” Ashlyn also popped up in small roles in the lightweight AIP comedy musical romps “Beach Party” and “Muscle Beach Party.”

Link to the Blood Feast trailer and brief shots of Ashlyn:

Archrivals Florida and California had a dazzling topic they could get together on: Ashlyn Martin. A sun-ripened product of Delray Beach, Florida, auburn-haired Ashlyn succumbed to the Golden State’s blandishments, migrated to California for a change in scenery and a taste of West Coast living. “I was attracted to bright lights and sports cars,” the then outgoing 18-year-old explained candidly.

“Things were pleasant in Delray Beach, but too quiet for me. I visited Los Angeles briefly after finishing high school — and right away I knew it was California, here I come!” This 5’5″ bachelor girl lived alone in a rented L.A. apartment, decorated in Danish modern; her first job, appropriately enough, was as a receptionist in a Los Angeles sports-car rental agency. Ashlyn bore a striking resemblance to film star Ann-Margret, though her own taste in singers ran to the masculine Mr. Sinatra, Tony Bennett and the rhythms of Ray Charles. Ashlyn is also quite a cook.

She said: “Though I can live for weeks on bologna sandwiches and chocolate milk, I love to prepare a real gourmet spread when I’m entertaining. French cuisine is my favorite, and coq au vin is my special dish. In fact, I think my idea of a perfect evening would center around a six-course meal at Maxim’s, complete from soup to cognac.

I’m easy to please, and with the right man I’m happy in almost any situation. Please don’t ask me about the future — the way many of my friends do — because I’m really uncertain about that part of my life. Right now I’m quite happy with the present.”

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