São Paulo, Brazil

This week I was in São Paulo Brazil.  I get down there about 3x per year.
This week’s weather was extremely pleasant – it’s summer down there now.. so the days were long, with 88 degree, sunny and light breezy days.
Unfortunately, SP is a pretty lousy place for photo jaunts – it’s an enormous city, not particularly attractive, not terribly interesting from a historical standpoint, and just dangerous enough to keep one from just wandering about, looking like a foreigner with camera gear slinging about.

Cars in Brazil – any color you want as long as they’re red, silver or black.

The Leica camera store in SP mall “Shopping Cidade Jardim”.  Outside of Germany, Leica has official stores only in Moscow, Hong Kong and now SP.

L:  Bookstore in the same mall… the guy on the bean bag is Danilo Zerwes, my agent living in Brazil.  When I go to visit SP customers, he accompanies me on all visits and does the bulk of the Portuguese talking..
R: Danilo again, while we were sitting in the bar of my favorite restaurant Fogo de Chão.

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