Donna Lynn – Cocktail Waitress on the Sunset Strip

In hollywood even the girls who wait tables are beautiful

Short (5’3″), but buxom and shapely blonde bombshell Donna Lynn was born on September 21, 1936 in Walukee, Oklahoma. Lynn was working as a cocktail waitress at the supper club The Cloister on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood, California when she was chosen to be the Playmate of the Month in the November, 1959 issue of “Playboy.”  She was 23 years at the time.

Recently Mickey Rooney spotted her and signed her up for a part in his new motion picture The Private Lives of Adam and Eve. There recently we spotted her, too, and decided she was just what we’d been seeking for Miss November.

Donna’s sole foray into film acting was a secondary part as Wednesday in the ill-received lowbrow comedy romp “The Private Lives of Adam and Eve.”  Mickey Rooney produced and starred as Satan in this film.  Donna got something like 20th billing for this film, starring far downstream from bombshells Mamie Van Doren and B-movie bad girl Fay Spain.  This movie also featured uber-cutie Tuesday Weld, early in her career and still relatively unknown.

Mickey was no slouch when he considered potential movie partners.

Spain and Weld, Attorneys at Law

The fact that a movie this obscure featured this much talent must surely be a testament to the unwatchable quality of this picture.  Someone – please let me know where I can get my hands on a copy!

IMDB also lists Donna as playing “10 year old girl” in a 1971 episode of The Partridge Family.  This either suggests that Donna’s acting talents really were squandered, or another whole in the fabric of the all-knowing Interweb has opened up.

It is news to nobody that Hollywood is the cutie capital of the country, racking up more shapeliness per square inch – or maybe we mean round inch – than any other city in the nation, probably the world. To its sun-drenched purlieus swarm America’s loveliest lasses, all eager for film and TV stardom. Of course, stardom doesn’t usually come overnight and while they’re waiting the hopeful honeys take jobs as waitresses and car hops, cashiers and receptionists – which accounts for the high degree of pulchritude among Hollywood’s hired help. Even in such a splendorous setting, blonde Donna Lynn is a standout.

She likes men “with their own hair and teeth”, and dislikes those “with monogrammed underwear”.  It’s not often that one can feel confident enough to state they clearly meet all of a Playmate’s criteria in a mate.

As a waitress, she brightens The Cloister, a smart supper club on Hollywood’s famous Sunset Strip.

The Cloister is long gone.  A 1961 Esquire article refers to this jazz club (among other locations along the strip) as the place to see Ray Charles perform.  Terry Gibbs (Jazz Xylophone player – and how many of those can there be anymore?) played with Andy Williams for several weeks at the Cluster.  For God’s sake, Bobby Darin opened there in August of 1959!

And now:

You have small, commercial real estate space – with vacancies!  “The Tiffany Block” is a rental complex of small stores of nondescript nature.  A far cry from one of the swingingest spots in the 50’s.

More recently, Donna has returned to acting after a number of various professions through the 70’s – 90’s.  Says miss Lynn in 1996:

“I never got to be a big to-do.  I married a copule of times, not well, and went into business.  I owned a bar for six or seven years, or it owned me, and I had a cleaning business.  I worked for a veterinarian – did it all, assisted in surgery, kept the books, mopped the kennels.  And I went to school and got a manicurist’s license.”

Lynn is now living in the San Diego area and has reactivated her Screen Actor’s Guild membership.  She had bit roles in Ellen DeGeneres’ “Mr Wrong“, Cheryl Ladd’s TV series “One Waikiki West” and “I want to do more.”

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  1. Loved this woman for many years.Married her in May of 1976. Was a GREAT woman! I still love her !

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