Linné Nanette Ahlstrand

Linné Nanette Ahlstrand graced the pages of PB in the July, 1958 issue.  She was a petite 5’2″ model, 22 years old at the time of this shooting.

First impressions, both of name and exotic look, lead one to believe that Hef set the typical factory mold aside and went for something more European that month.  But no: Linne was born in Chicago and, as far as anyone can tell, never stepped outside of the U.S.

Ahlstrand moved to New York City from Hollywood, California so she could pursue a career as both a model and an actress.

Aren’t the chess shots cute.. my favorite photo of the whole gallery is the natural one of Linne making her move.  This series reminds me of the later scene in The Thomas Crown Affair when Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway do the deed-as-chess-match-metaphor.

Which, of course, Mike Myers improved upon some 30 years later.  But I digress.

The early write-ups in PB always tried to portray a sense of opportunity: Here, Linne was discovered asleep on a popular beach.  All one had to do was awaken her and ofter her a ride back into town.  The rest, as they say, could be history for one and all.

As the “Laziest Girl in Town”, Linne just didn’t want to do anything that involved standing up.  Good stuff.

She later appeared in such movies as Living VenusBeast from Haunted Cave, and in such TV Shows as Highway Patrol, and Johnny Stacatto. She returned to the Los Angeles area in September, 1965. Married on September 7, 1965, she continued to pursue an acting and modeling career.  Less than two years after being married, Linne succumbed to cancer and died in Pasadena, CA on January 18, 1967.

The complete issue, portraying miss Ahlstrand is here: US PB 1958 07

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