Pamela Anne Gordon

Pamela Gordon (born Pamela Anne Gordon) graced the PB pages in March of 1962.  She is largely remembered now for being the first Canadian model to make the bi-fold.

According to wiki, after the magazine’s publication, she went on to work for awhile as a bunny at the Chicago Playboy Club.

Ephelides!  “fetchingly freckled pamela anne gordon is playboy’s first canadian playmate” What is notable about this publication is PB’s willingness to happily portray a broad variety of ladies – something seriously wanting in today’s overflow of homogenous print indecency.  Her concentrated clusters of melanin (and no, that is not a sly metaphor) make these photographs genuinely interesting and memorable.  Well, that and the fact that she had a secret crush on Raymond Burr.

Pamela’s write up is presented below, because I could never hope to improve upon the camp as originally written:
“Reaffirming our faith in the good-neighbor policy this March is a picturesque citizen of British Columbia named Pamela Anne Gordon, a north-of-the-border miss who receives our vote as the most impressive tourist attraction of the year and signs in as our first Canadian Playmate. Pixyish (5’1”) Pam has spent her successfully formative years in the Pacific port of Vancouver, where she now clearly contributes more than her share to the spectacular local seascapes. Weighing in at 104 girlish pounds, Miss March’s decorative attributes include soft blonde hair, emerald eyes, a galaxy of saucy freckles, and a figure that is Junoesque in miniature. An easy-does-it lass, she is an avid collector of China figurines, and admits to a fondness for historical novels, shoot-’em-up flicks, and secret crush, Raymond Burr (TV’s Perry Mason). Cheerful Pam’s social calendar is understandably full, though apropos dating she warns that bossy and overly jealous types are definitely not her cup of tea. Among her favorite outdoor Canadian capers are swimming and horseback riding; in addition, she’s a striking bowler with a 135 average.Having served as girl Friday for a number of lucky firms, our 19-year-old Playmate is now a receptionist for a Vancouver construction company where, needless to say, her own cantilevered construction (39-23-35) receives the warmest reception of all. Despite her dramatic appearance, Pamela has no theatrical ambitions – her main aim in life at the moment is to further her education at the University of British Columbia. As an educational dividend of our own, we refer all Fine Arts students to the accompanying foldout view of our petitely prodigious Miss March.”

After 1962, Ms. Gordon slips back into internet obscurity.  No further information has been made available on what has happened to her afterwards.

Full gallery is shown below:

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