Things that should not be frozen

We’re now in day four, post-snowcalypse.. The school district closed school again – we were sure betting that things would have resumed to normal this morning, but no..  And now it’s late in the week, with Martin Luther day off on Monday – so our money is on them closing again tomorrow – what would be the point to having everyone resume just for one day prior to another 3 day weekend.  At this point, conspiracy theories abound:  the buses won’t run because they don’t carry liability insurance.  The school district is too underfunded, and this just gives them an excuse to cut some expenses while appearing sympathetic to the safety and well-being of our nation’s future.

We finally were able to make it down our driveway today (that is, making it down in some semblance of a controlled fashion) and celebrated our freedom with a lunch at the Macaroni Grill.

Here are some photos of things really out of their element:

The snow froze over several days ago, so now Max walks on top.

This last photo was difficult for me to take – under better circumstances, this is my home office.  The laptop goes on the table, phone in one hand, lit cigar in the other.  Wee nip of scotch at my side, on a coaster because I’m civilized.

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